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ด่วน ๆ ... นักข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อมทั้งหลาย สนใจไหมคะ เทรนนิ่งฟรี วันที่ 28-30 ก.ย.

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ด่วน ๆ ... นักข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อมทั้งหลาย สนใจไหมคะ เทรนนิ่งฟรี วันที่ 28-30 ก.ย. (สัปดาห์หน้านี้แล้ว-เป็นภาษาอังกฤษ) อาจได้ทุนไปทำข่าวที่เอกวาดอร์กลางเดือนตุลาคมด้วย

Thomson Reuters Foundation is hosting a free journalism training course in English, focusing on sustainable cities, and the Sustainable Development Goals - this will take place during September 28-30 inclusive in Bangkok.

We are seeking applications from journalists who cover the environment, or sustainable cities and urban development (or have a keen interest in the topic), and require that you please send us 1-2 stories related to the topic, which you have produced, in order to select candidates.

Travel bursaries are available for applicants from outside Bangkok – we will cover flights and accommodation.
Please kindly note that everyone applying needs to inform their editors of the following: attending this course will make you eligible to be one of the top five journalists selected to travel to Ecuador around October 15-20 to report on the Habitat III conference in Quito ( .

You should ensure that your editors are aware that this is a possibility following the workshop and that you could be one of the few whose expenses will be paid to report directly for your news organisation from the conference – dateline HABITAT III, Quito, Ecuador. Hence they will need to allow for the possibility that you may be spending a further week away from your desk – but with the benefit of reporting directly from Quito and filing stories from the conference, which is a fantastic opportunity!

Please send your application email with your stories, as well as your editor’s acknowledgement of the above to