Joint Statement on a Bomb Attack on National Broadcasting Television



Joint Statement on a Bomb Attack on National Broadcasting Television

On 31 August 2010 at 1.30 pm, unknown attackers fired a 40mm grenade at the building of National Broadcasting Television (NBT) on Vibhavadee Rangsit Road. The bomb, believed to have been fired from a M79 grenade launcher fell and exploded on a parking lot of the Public Relation Department’s new agency.

The incident demonstrably posts a grave threat to the safety of reporters and workers in the news organization, who have performed their duty in accordance with professional ethics in presenting news and bringing truth to lights.

Thai Journalists Association and Thai Broadcast Journalists Association (TBJA) would like to appeal to parties concerned as follow:

  1. All sides realize the media, be there reporters or photographers, has a duty to report news and present facts, not a party in any conflict. They, therefore, should not be a target of intimidation, threat and interference from any parties. If they are intimidated, threatened that they could not work independently and as a result, this will deprive the public of comprehensive news, information and facts.
  2. We appeal to the security agency which has a duty to keep national peace and order to expedite the investigation into the case and to arrest and bring the attackers to justice soonest in order to ensure the protection of the media’s welfare and safety at large.

Finally, the media professional groups would like to encourage the media to continue to commit to their duty and be honest to their profession. Yet, all sides must resort to peaceful settlement of the conflict since all forms of violence will never provide a sustainable solution to the national problems. Rather it causes national loss beyond repair.


Thai Broadcast Journalists Association

Thai Journalists Association

31 August 2010