TJA presents a “Safety Training 9th” Increase conflict-disaster journalism skill

TJA presents a “Safety Training 9th” Increase conflict-disaster journalism skill

The Thai Journalists Association organize the 9th Annual Workshop on “News Reporting in Violent Situations and Disasters” or “Safety Training” take place from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July 2018 at Namtok Sam Lan National Park in Saraburi province.

Mr.Pramed Lekpetch, President of The Thai Journalists Association said that the contents of this training course included 1.Preparation and planning before field trips report. 2.Report news in violents and disasters zone. 3.Surviving, Life saving and Tactical-combat first aid in an emergency situation and 4. Reporting the facts without being used as a mouthpiece to spread incendiary comments and stir up hate and possibly even violence.

Mr.Pramed said that this training course is a good opportunity for all the journalists from any kind of medias to empower yourself. And with a current situations, the disaster happening around the world, The journalist who has never been report on violents and disasters news before, after attend this training journalists can bring back these practical skills and knowledge to their workplace and ultimately elevate the quality of news coverage.

“Always reminds yourself that the most important thing for news report, Whether in the violents or disasters zone. Journalists must come back safety and the news report must not worsen the situation and not threaten to the society. So this is the heart of the “Safety Training”

Mr.Jeerapong Prasertpollakung , Deputy Secretary of The Thai Journalist Association and Project Manager said that after the political protest violent in 2010. The Thai Journalists Association organize the events to support the journalists and we received 11 proposals called to conducts the training course, provide knowledge for news report in violents zone before it became an initiative of  “Safety Training” 1st workshop in 2010 and held every year since then. Now is 9th Annual Workshop. Overall attended by 300 journalists participants in the “Safety Training” workshop.

“This year we're adjusting and developing the course up to date on current situations and emphasis on reports in flooding area. We're  adding content covers instructions on reporting news in flooding area for journalists safety”

The Project Manager said that for this year training course attended by 29 journalists and got support from National Union of journalists Thailand, Thai Media Fund, National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM), Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, The Viriyah Insurance, Nation Group, LS Technology Co.,LTD.

In addition, Thai Journalists Association  would like to Thank you The Heart to Heart Search & Rescue Team for provide the team officials to train our participants and PPTV HD36 to provide life jackets for our water training course.