From the Philippines (May 22)-Solidarity message to the Thai Media from Filipino Journalists

From the Philippines (May 22)
Solidarity message to the Thai Media from Filipino Journalists

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines is alarmed and dismayed by the clampdown on media by the Thai military following its imposition of martial law.

Our concern stems not only from our historic experience with martial rule, when the curtailment of freedom of information preceded the wholesale trampling of all other basic rights and freedoms.

Inhibiting free expression can never serve the cause of restoring democracy or even order. 

Only free discourse, no matter how strident it may seem, will arm a people with the knowledge essential for them to make informed choices about their future.

To our colleagues in Thailand, we stand with you as you face this latest threat to the freedom of the press and of expression.

Rowena C. Paraan
NUJP Chairperson