Thai Journalists Association urges the media to respect child’s right,

Thai Journalists Association urges the media to respect child's right, individual's privacy and the Code of Ethics while reporting the case of child abuse.

After some mainstream and social media disseminated the video clip of a father using violence against his son while he was doing homework, on Sunday (July 26, 2015), TJA's Vice President on the Press Freedom and Media Reform and spokesman, asked the media to stop the conduct as it was violation of the rights of the victim.

Article 27 of the Child and Youth Protection Act (B.E.2546) prohibits dissemination of information or news of a child through the mass media or other media in the way that will intentionally cause mental damage to the child, hurt the child's reputation or obstruct the child from having rightful benefit, or disseminating the child's information with the purpose for personal benefit.

Meanwhile, Article 50 prohibits revelation of name or any information or a child in a way that can damage the child's reputation, dignity, benefit or that of the child's parent. Violator is subject to up to six months jail term and/or Bt60,000 fine, he said.

Moreover, Thailand also acceded to the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child therefore, children must not be abused or exploited as commodity in any case, Manop said.