About TDJ (English Version)

Thailand Data Journalism Network (TDJ)

Principles and Reasons Entering the New Media Age opens up a whole new territory in our present world. Information has become a very valuable resource for the development of our society which includes economic, education, social, political, international and even health systems. It is important that Thailand advance on using modern methods in data collection and analysis. Then make those data available to the public.
One of the important roles in creating and disseminating quality news and information is “citizen reporter”, especially, when coupling with essential tools such as “Data Journalism” which utilizes “Structured data” and “objective thinking” as the core principles.
To achieve the full potentials of in-depth data journalism, coordination between specialist in related fields is crucial. This leads to the establishment of Thailand Data Journalism Network (TDJ) which is a continuation from the Data Journalist Development Training held by Thai Journalists Association to advance knowledge and skills in data journalism and to build a network for coordination and support. We aim to improve journalists and citizen journalists’ experience and create a network where content creators can look for support in data sourcing and knowledges in digging, treating and visualizing data. Our current members include professional journalists, academic scholars, designers, and data scientists.
Objectives: 1. To build a network for support and coordinations in the fields related to data journalism in Thailand 2. To provide knowledge and skills in data journalism in Thailand 3. To support the development of data journalism for public benefits